Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Speck's surgery

Okay, today is Speck's surgery day to fix the ruptured ACL. It's going to be a long spring for this young, exhuberant dog trying to be quiet and calm. It puts his training behind schedule as well but hopefully the time off will allow for more maturity. In turn, maybe he'll progress quickly once we get going again. I'm going to miss having him for all the cattle work these next several months as he's right up there with one of the best young dog's on cattle I've seen in awhile.

Think of all the quality time he will get to spend in rehab with Dustin and I though! Do you suppose he feels real fortunate? If you would keep him in your prayers today I know I'd feel very forunate. Thanks!!


Kathy said...

Hope Speck's surgery goes well today and that he recovers completely. Good luck and keep us posted on his rehab.

Monique said...

Best wishes for Speck's surgery. My Aussie had 2 ACL repairs 6 years ago and is still going strong at age 11!

Laura Hicks said...

Thanks! I'm going to pick him up early this morning. My vet said the surgery went well.