Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Praying for pups!

We haven't had a litter of pups in a couple of years and I'm pretty darned excited about possibly getting some.  I'm watching for Jess to come into heat like someone watches a pot to boil!  She turned 3 in September and I haven't enjoyed a female this much in a long time.  She hasn't been the easiest dog to trial yet as she likes thing to MOVE and if they aren't going fast enough she has been a little quick to encourage them along with a heel bite.  That doesn't fly with judges. :-)  In her defense, I haven't been trialing much and think she's run in about 5 trials in her life.
She's a daughter of Jag and Jamie Spring's Reece.  Same way bred as Rock and a lot of other really great dogs!  She has great qualities from both parents.  She has enough eye to make her really stylish.  She lives to work and work hard.  I haven't found a job that she doesn't meet head on yet.  She'll go all day and has great stamina.  Doesn't hurt that she's just FUN to be around and train. 
We call her our pocket rocket.
We're going to breed her to Jamie's Cort.  They're very similiar in a lot of ways.  He's a little more patient with his heel bite though! ;-)  Cort likes to come forward and is level headed.  He's stylish and biddable as well.  I love how he is with Jamie's kids too!
She's due to come in any day so I'm going to go pray for puppies!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


First, I must apologize for my absence on the blog yet again.  I'm afraid I'm starting to sound like a broken record.  You'd think I don't like to write with the time spent in between but nothing could be further from the truth.  I love to make words flow.  I love the feel of pen on paper.  I like to hear the sound of typing.  Just seems harder and harder to find the time.

The picture above is of my oldest son, Dustin.  He will be 18 right after Christmas this year.  It's with a mixture of pride and sadness that I say that.  I miss the days of him having to reach up to grab my hand but he is growing into a man I'm so proud to call my son.  He epitomizes everything that comes to mind when I hear the word cowboy.  He's hard working, honest, tough and gritty.  He stands up for what he believes in and can be stubborn to a fault.  He has a huge respect and genuine care for animals.  He tries hard to listen and learn from those who have been ranching longer but is also finding his voice to throw new idea's out.

He comes from a long line of people that work hard and joke around just as hard.  He didn't fall far from the tree on that one either!  He's not bashful about who and what he is and you can either like him or not, your choice.  It won't change him.  I love that there is no shame for him to hug me or tell me he loves me in front of his friends.

We have our disagreements, as families will, but he's quick to apologize if he needs to.  Just as quick to point out if it's me that does!  We were gathering cows the other day and I was telling him what he needed to do way more than any kid needs.  He waited, with more patience than I could have ever mustered myself, til we got to the corral to say, "Mom, when you look at me on this horse, do you still see a 7 year old boy?  Cause that's what you're treating me like."  He didn't say it snippy but very matter of fact and it was a reminder I needed.

My boy has grown into a man!