Sunday, February 6, 2011

A gift from God!

Zac is 11 years old now. He ran in his last dog trial at the end of January. It was the Black Hills Stock Show and it has always been one of his favorites. I really didn't plan on running him at all this year but he's been feeling so good I thought I'd give it a go. In typical Zac fashion, he got 2nd in the prelim round and brought home money his last time out! He got 2nd and won money at his first trial when he was 10 months old as well. Seems kind of fitting, huh!

These pictures were taken just the other day (first part of Feb. 2011) and I know most people just see the gray in his face. I can't help but still see the sparkle in his eyes. This dog has been a huge part of my life for the last 11 years and will hopefully get to be for several more years. He taught me about perserverance, team work and how to handle stock. He also taught me about accepting things for just what they are! He's not perfect but there are few others (animal or human) I've seen with as big of a heart.

He still loves to help when I'm out training pups or ride along in the ranger when I go work the other dogs. He will hold sheep for any of them and still likes to compete with Jag on who can push them harder! He has no shame in the fact that he has grown to love toys in his later years.

His favorite place to be is wherever I am. It's a mutual feeling! He's laying here beside me now and when I get up to leave he'll get up, a little slower than he used to, and follow me wherever I go. It has been hard to leave him behind when we went to a couple of trials this past year because we didn't have enough room to haul everyone. We're working on fixing that problem as it's so important to me to enjoy every minute I get with him. After all, he is a gift I'm ever grateful for! Thank you Lord!!