Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas blizzard

Well, our Christmas plans were derailed by mother nature this year. Thankfully we got a bit of a repreive on Christmas Eve so we were able to make it to church and then supper with my family. I'm really thankful for that now!

We got some snow on the 23rd but then it quieted down again until Christmas morning. Wow, she cut loose then. All day Friday and Saturday we got hammered with snow and wind. Visibility was horrid. We had fed everything really good the day before and moved the cows and sheep into better protection. Still it was a long two days of not being able to find them on Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning the wind let up and Mike was able to see good enough to find all the sheep and the cows we were short. They had blown into a deep draw and weren't much worse for the wear. I was so relieved!

Thought I'd share this cartoon with you from one of my all time favorite strips. It's pretty fitting of how I felt Sunday morning. :-)
You can see more of "The Barn" at It's one of my daily reads anymore.
We ended up with close to a foot of snow but the drifts are what are horrible. They range from 4 feet up to 14 feet. The roads are getting opened today though. Really tough feeding right now as the snow is getting a hard crust on it now. I'm fairly certain we'll have a good portion of these drifts until spring now.
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and enjoys the New Year!