Saturday, October 31, 2009

Domestic Goddess...NOT!

Okay, anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not a domestic goddess. Heck, I'm not a domestic anything to be honest. I have tried over the years to learn to enjoy (or maybe even tolerate better) the finer points of housework, cooking, baking, canning and maybe even sewing. I just have never acheived it. I've just about given up honestly but hope with age some of it will come to me.

Recently I had to apologize to my mom as she has really tried over the years to teach me how to cook, can, bake and attempt to sew. The only thing I've managed to sew up so far are critters. I did sew up the couch once, does that count? I love eating all the stuff my mom cans as well! :-) I wonder if that counts for anything. The one thing that has improved (if even just slightly) is my cooking. The first time I attempted to really cook anything was Rice a Roni when Mike and I were first together. The only thing I managed to do was catch my shirt on fire. I figure you can only go up from there, right?

Most of the time all I can think about are ways to escape to the outside world. Isn't there a horse that needs rode, a well that needs checked, a dog that needs worked or even a fence to be fixed? I'll admit I have to be a bit desperate for that last one to be real appealing. I suppose that's why I thrive on calving and lambing season. It's acceptable to not worry about anything real domestic then. :-) Works for me anyway!

Okay, I suppose I've stalled long enough. The vaccuum would like to remove some of the outside world I insist on dragging in with me.