Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pictures from BHSS

Here are a couple of pictures of Cash and I from the BHSS. Jan Swan Wood from the Tri State Livestock News took them and also did an article. She emailed these to me as well. The one where Cash I are together at the Y-chute just cracks me up. Cash's butt in the air is SO him!

These were taken in the prelim round so the crowd wasn't very big yet. They estimate about 3000 people there for the finals. What a great chance to promote the Border Collie to ranchers in our area.


Joan said...

I like that instead of a pen you have a barrel to put the sheep in. Would that make Cash a barrel dog?

Kathy said...

Laura, do you have a direct link to the story? I wasn't able to find it on their web site.


Laura Hicks said...

Cash doesn't care what kind of dog he "is" as long as there is livestock involved. :-)
Kathy, I should have checked the website first. I get the paper so saw it in there and assumed it was online as well but can't find it now. Sorry!