Sunday, February 7, 2010

Skunk attack!

Holy smokes, it was a long night in my house last night! Dustin and I have been taking turns taking Speck out for walks and it was my turn right before bed last night. Jag and Zac were out with us and out in front a little ways. I should have stayed closer to the house and under the dusk to dawn lights. Lesson learned!

We went down near the haying equipment and post pile to see if Speck would go quicker. Zac and Jag were dinking around and ended up in the post pile. The next thing I heard was Zac barking. I hollered at him but figured he was just barking at a cat as they like to hang out down there. NOPE. It was dark enough I couldn't tell what it was but saw it standing it's ground against Zac. He called off and came right to me and Jag came running by it. I looked back as I was walking away and it was following us. It was then that I smelled it!

I ran back up to the house and went to put Speck back in when Jag busted by me to get in the house. He ran up the stairs and I hollered for Dustin. He wasn't sure what was going on and neither he or Mike figured it out for a mintue or two as I was downstairs. Jag promptly rubbed all over the couch trying to get the spray off his face! Then he rubbed all over Dustin before he realized what was going on and finally ushered him out the door.

I went out and tried to at least clean their faces up a little so it wouldn't burn. They got to sleep outside though as I don't have enough tomato juice on hand right now to give them a bath. I'll pick up some today though and hopefully get the smell to die down a bit. Poor Zac is pretty upset about the idea of sleeping in the kennels though! Jag is the big issue though as he's been confined to the house because of an injury. Not sure what I'll do with him today as I don't want him out in a kennel all day but I REALLY don't want him in the house right now either.

If anyone has any good home remedies for getting rid of the skunk smell on dogs, please feel free to share them with me! I went through a whole can of febreeze trying to get the smell out of the house. Between that and the exhaust fan running with open windows for an hour last night it's at least liveable now! This does mean war now for the skunk and I though.


Laura Hicks said...

I ended up using Peroxide, baking soda and dish soap on Jag this morning. It worked really well! I don't have enough peroxide on hand to do Zac but will pick some up after church. At least Jag smells good enough to be back in the house now!

livin life said...

I've walked a mile in those stinky shoes!!! Glad the peroxide recipe worked!!!! I really don't appreciate skunks much!!!!