Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time flies...

whether you're having fun or not. So you might as well enjoy it, right! Our summer is flying by at warp speed. We're actually only 2 week away from the boys starting school again. That seems crazy to me. Seems like they just got out.

Speaking of the boys, they are both gone to a Rodeo Bible Camp this week. I grew up going to these and absolutely loved it so was happy when the boys decided they wanted to go. I got a quick phone call last night and it sounds like they're having a blast. Brady is riding bulls (yikes) and team roping. Dustin is calf roping, team roping and bull dogging. He wants to ride saddle broncs so bad but he's just not built for it. He looks like a big yard dart to me and I've seen SO many wrecks with saddle bronc riders that I just couldn't bring myself to letting him do it yet. I'd rather having him ride bulls but the boys don't want to be competing against each other so they try to stay out of the same events. Team roping they'll hopefully be working together. Might be a challenge for those two!

We got a chance to go on a short family vacation to CO back in June. We were only gone two nights but the planning for all of us being off the place at the same time is horrible! It was a great trip though and got to see most of my family again. It was so much fun. Mike, Dustin, Brady and several of my relatives went white water rafting the last day. I think the boys would do it again in a heartbeat.

I haven't made it to any dog trials since the one in May. Just so busy with haying and ranch life that it really hasn't allowed for it. I think retiring Zac has played with my head a bit as well. A friend and I are headed to UT for one this next weekend though and I'm REALLY looking forward to it. Not sure if it's the dog trial aspect or just getting away from the hay field for awhile! :-)

Well, I need to get busy. I will try to post some pictures soon from the boys rodeo's if I get a chance.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have fun at the dog trials! I think we're out of the way, but if you need a place to stay while you're on the road, just holler!
Kacee Thacker, The Ranch Wife

Laura said...

Thanks Kacee. We had a great trip. We ended up going through Casper and down to Rawlins to get there. It's a pretty easy trip. Thanks for the offer though!