Monday, September 21, 2009

Update and general chaos

Sorry, about how lax I've been on updating the blog. Life has been busy but it's no excuse, just reality.

I went to the Kaycee trial and bombed so nothing real exciting to report there. Wait, Dennis Edwards (one of the nicest person's your ever going to meet) won it with his good dog, Ben. His young dog, Craig (Nell x Lew), also made it into the double lift in his first open run. Yay for Dennis and his dogs!!!!

The boys are back in public school. What an adjustment for mom! I think the first week was much harder on me than it was on either of them. They are both really enjoying the different classes and getting to hang out with friends more. Both of them are also playing football and that keeps us VERY busy right now with 2 -3 games per week.
(Dustin is in the middle of the pack in purple)
Just getting started with the fall cattle work and am enjoying being able to go with Mike more now that I'm not teaching the boys this time of year. We preconditioned our calves last week and we do the cash cattle bunch this week. Loading out yearling steers tomorrow. Preg testing cows with a cousin on Friday. Lots of riding.
We sold lambs last week and did better than expected so that's always really nice!! Used Jag, Cash, Rock and Bet to gather, sort and load lambs. It's fun to watch the young dogs (Rock and Bet) get their first chance at this kind of work. They both stepped right up. I forgot how much I enjoy Cash for this kind of work as well. He is so good in tight spaces! Zac supervised as I just can't bring myself to leave him at the house when we work. I'm not sure if that's harder on him than just staying at the house but he seems happier even if he's just covering a "hole". His favorite job now is setting sheep for the other dogs.
Looking forward to "watching" the finals over the internet this week. Wish I was there but just couldn't swing it this year for one dog.

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