Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where the buffalo roam!

The tribe's buffalo pasture borders our west pasture. It's always fun to be out riding and see them in the next pasture. What is not so much fun is that they're getting out on a regular basis now. The snow storm back in November buried a lot of fence in our country. Most of us actually had to put fence over snow drifts in some spots because it was to hard by the time we could get to it to even dig it out right away. The buffalo fence hasn't been fixed yet unfortunately.

We put it up the best we can in the spots that we've found but there's 6000 acres of buffalo pasture and it gets pretty rough in spots. We talked to the tribal parks department and there supposed to be sending a crew out to get it up again. We're hopeful.

When Mike and I were first married he would go help the tribe gather and ship buffalo fairly often. It was always exciting but I hate to admit I'm pretty darn intimidated by them. They're SO much faster than cattle and don't take being pressured well at all. One year, a teenage girl decided to help. She had been told that with buffalo you just kind of hang back and try not to put to much pressure on them. Make the right way real easy and the wrong direction a little less inviting. She rode way to close to one bull and he turned on her and had her horse down before she even know what hit her. Thankfully there was someone close enough to distract the buffalo long enough she could crawl up a tree. I tend to remember that story every time we need to move them anywhere!


Jenny Glen said...

I don't think the buffalo are romantic anymore either! After I was charged by one when I was taking reining cow horse lessons. He came at me and the horse 3 times. Not fun! Scott was just worried I'd fall off and he'd owe everyone a case of beer. I DID NOT fall off.

Laura Hicks said...

Hey Jenny,
I knew they used buffalo to train cutting horses but didn't realize they used tehm for reined cow horses. Yikes, that's a little to up close and personal for me. I have heard they stay fresh longer than cattle though.
Glad to hear you didn't fall off!