Monday, August 4, 2008

New adventures

So I figured I needed one more thing to do in my days so I've started training for a 5K race. I figured I always take the dogs out for a good walk in the morning anyway so I might as well try to start kicking it up a notch. The dogs love it! Okay, they love the run/walks, I'm not so sure how they all feel about my "off days" though.

I have a hybrid bike that I take out across the pasture's with them the 3 days a week I don't run. It is pretty funny to me on how some of my dogs have figured this biking thing out. They don't have any trouble keeping up with me (or running out and back to me either) when I'm "running" as I'm not setting any world speed records. The bike is a little harder to stay out in front of though. Zac, Jag, Cash and Kat each have a certain distance they all go now and then just hang out there and wait for me to get back. Darn bums! Tess and Uno are my die hards. I haven't found a distance they won't go yet. Nell does her best to keep up but I usually end up meeting her coming on my way back. I don't take the two pups (Rock and Fly) on bike rides as I think it's to much for them at this age. They do enjoy the run days though.

Either way I figure we're all getting in a little better shape and I know for sure my stress level seems to have gone down since I've started making the time for this every day!


carson-crazies said...

As much as I hate running on the road I might would be all over running out there with you guys. ;) Good luck with the 5K - AWESOME! I never set the world on fire, but there was a certain sense of accomplishment the day I finished my first race. Hey, I did actually beat the ladies walking with strollers.

Laura Hicks said...

Hey Laura,
How long ago did you do your 5K?
Mine isn't until Oct. 4th but it should be a fun one as it's conjunction with a marathon (and half marathon) that a friend of mine is doing. She's been running for years and has been a good person to get advice from.

The only problem with running out here is watching for snakes, porcupines and our fall calvers that have just started calving. They REALLY don't like dogs right now. :-)

carson-crazies said...

Oh wow, it's probably been 7 or 8 years ago now! I beat some ladies walking strollers. ;) Good luck at yours - you'll have a blast, I'm sure! It's always more fun with someone doing it WITH you!

I'd be willing to brave snakes and such just to get off of the paved roads around here! Just make sure you have appropriate shoes for your feet - you'll feel much better and your body will withstand it better because of it!