Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick update


It is the middle of March now and we've had a very mild winter here. As you can tell in the pictures, we're really dry. Praying for a wet spring to come.

Mike, Dustin and Brady all went to help fight a fire last night and there's another one going again this morning. We're supposed to be in the 70's all week. Sure enjoy the warm weather but would love to have some moisture with it too.

The ewes are starting to get fairly heavy already. We don't start lambing until the first of May. With this weather I wish we were doing it right now but you never know when old man winter might rear his head again!
Sure am enjoying working my dogs on these beautiful days! All four of them are completely different from each other but also so willing and eager to learn that it makes figuring them out fun!
I'm planning on going to a few trials this summer if I can get away. I'm hoping to have both Jess and Ty ready to run in the nursery. Sometimes I know they're ready and other days they decide they don't have ears anymore! Hmm, kind of reminds me of my teenagers. :-)


Janet said...

Your Ty is very eye catching. Even from still photos he looks like a fun dog to work.

Laura Hicks said...

Thanks Janet. He is a lot of fun to work!

Doniene said...

Hi Laura, Just came across your blog in a search for another handler - Allison Ramsbottom - enjoyed your blog and am now a follower. I don't do Facebook, but was wondering if you knew a way to get in touch with Allison - I have a pup by her Rob dog and would love to see a picture of him.

God Bless

Laura Hicks said...

Hi Doniene, Glad you enjoyed it. I'm friends with Allison on Facebook so will send her a message with your email.